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The concept of linking business process with data isn’t a brand new concept. But, as with lots of parts that are core, it is as essential as in relation to lots of the topics in data direction today and seems to be seeing a resurgence. 


Following are a few samples of business procedures came in Master Data Management many situations, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Big Data Analytics. 


Master Data Management – Master Data Management is the field which strives to attain just one variant of the truth for core business components customer, product, provider, etc. Such as the blind men and the elephant’s story, a version of the truth consists of perspectives on that truth. 

For those of you not knowledgeable about the blind men and the elephant’s story, it. One man touches the trunk, yet another the tail, another the tusk, and another the conceal and all, naturally, have a distinct definition of exactly what it means to be an elephant. 


All are correct in their own way that is very, but the true variant of the fact is a superset of their encounters. Master Data Management poses a comparable scenario. Take a common master data domain like Product. 


Every user group has its own perspective of what the use of that information is and what Product info entails while there is a perspective of a Product using a superset of features that supports user groups across the business. 

Each group along the supply chain might view, create, edit, or delete certain parts of the info this makes up the concept of Product. 


To make MDM successful, it’s significant to identify each of those stakeholder groups, and work using them to understand their use and requirements around the information domain in question. One useful tool is that a process model mapped to information components. 


Figure 1 shows that a subset of that a sample business processes for product development. Utilizing A swimlane style BMPN diagram, it shows this stakeholders across the left hand column, using their key activities shown in their swimlane. 

For instance, the product team of developers is accountable for defining the product parts and assembly instructions. With regards to product pricing, however, you will see this while supply chain accounting determines this initial price, this price can be modified by marketing throughout the market test phase. Marketing is accountable for product name and the description that seems in the catalogue. 


To keep track of the use and lifecycle of information elements, a CRUD matrix is a beneficial tool.